Antoine Christopher

Antoine Christopher

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DJ Night Writer

DJ Night Writer
Blog Talk Radio Host

New Blog Talk Radio Host: Antoine Smith aka DJ Night Writer

The Antoine Smith aka DJ Night Writer show serves as a spin-off from Smith's over 30+ interviews on Blog Talk Radio with some of the greatest hosts. It is a showcase LISTENING PARTY for his jazz, amongst his latest music information, and where to buy it. Be sure to check it out! Contact Antoine Smith: 888-464-3646 ext 04337689.

Antoine Smith

Antoine Smith
Smith was born on Aug. 1, 1992 (BMI member) is a composer/songwriter, drummer, keyboardist, vocalist, rapper, producer, and engineer of jazz and other genres. The 6’1” underrated artist produced 11 jazz albums from age 15. 2008 - 2012, compilations such as; “All That Jazz,” “Project A,” “The Drifter,” “Wallflower,” “Daydream,” and “Mythical” were under an independent label Turn On Records, a subsidiary of EROICA Classical Recordings (wiki).

He was brought up in the neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio -- studied and played many drum instruments in school: quad, tenor, snare, bass drum, drum-set, and conga. Also participated in sports: football, basketball, softball, track, and x-country. Studied music theory at Tiamoyo Arts and Education.

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Antoine Smith

Antoine Smith

Listen to "City In The Sea" (snippet)!

Song Reviews for Antoine Smith

From what I gathered from The Peoples Music Awards (TPMA) on the internet, it is based out of London, being first in universal awards for unsigned artists all over the world. Votes are based on a public voting process for their favorite unsigned artists compositions. After weekly wins in the contest, the best Top 5 Finalists are chosen to go up against each other for the remaining 2 winners, by a panel of judges who are music industry professionals. The Peoples Music Awards ceremony is held in April for 1st Place winners.

Songwriter/artist, Antoine Smith has been selected in The Peoples Music Awards (TPMA) Top 5 Finalists for two consecutive years, for his track, "Mythical" 2010 from his cd MYTHICAL and his unreleased track, "City In The Sea" 2011 from his unreleased cd CITY IN THE SEA. He seems to know how to gain positive attention from UK fans to complete fantastic exposure for his cd's.

Although there is always room for improvement in composition, performance, and production, Smith seems to take constructive criticism very well in his personal notes on site @ Antoine Smith - The Peoples Music Awards

Below are some highlighted reviews taken from a few top UK/US professionals in the music industry regarding Antoine Smith's unreleased track, "City In The Sea" for 2011:

D. Ramirez: DJ / Producer - awarded Best Remix and Best Producer in DJ Magazine's Awards says...

"City In The Sea," "I really liked the musicianship, the chords and the arrangement and the feeling that he captured."

Russ Sawyer: Mixing/Masterering Professor, London College of Music at Thames Valley University says...

"City In The Sea," Very atmospheric trumpet and other instrumentation to provide a swell of sound."

David Dunne: DJ / Presenter - Head of Music & Senior Presenter Kiss 102 & 105 in Manchester and Yorkshire says...

"City In The Sea"..."I think that melodically it's very nice indeed - has a nice chilled balearic jazzy feel to it and the chord progressions work really well." "I think this is someone who clearly has musical ability and can put together some quite complex rhythms and melodies - jazz is hard to pull off successfully but Cleveland's done well here."

Hayden Bendall: Producer/Mixer/Engineer (worked w/ stars...Kate Bush, Katie Melula, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Tori Amos, and many more) says...

"City In The Sea"..."Interesting from the beginning! Loved it."

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Antoine Smith's Music

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All That Jazz

All That Jazz
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Antoine Smith Jazz Discography 2

© 2011, Turn On Records. All Rights Reserved.

"Slow It Down" by Antoine Smith

Copyright © 2010, Turn On Records. All Rights Reserved.

Enjoy the Holidays by Antoine Smith

If I Were A Butterfly by Aeric & Antoine Smith

Copyright © 2010, Turn On Records. All Rights Reserved.

Kingdom Hearts 3 (Birth Of Sleep/358/2 Days) - The True Kingdom Of Hearts

Copyright © 2008, Turn On Records. All rights reserved.

DAYDREAM by Antoine Smith

Copyright © 2010, Turn On Records. All Rights Reserved. Video by Fan Member

ALL THAT JAZZ by Antoine Smith

Copyright © 2010, Turn On Records. All Rights Reserved.



Antoine Smith has also been a very popular young artist on air in rotation and over 30+ interviews with many wonderful hosts on Blog Talk Radio such as; Black Talk Radio (e.g. Black Teen Enpowerment Radio, 28 June 2009, etc.) Today, his music is still in rotation on several shows and here are a few out of 17 hosts of what is being said about him and his music as follow:

Talking Smooth Jazz: 7/18/2009, says..."16 year old Antoine Smith is a drummer and a "dabbling" keyboardist that composes and plays mainly, contemporary jazz. In addition, he composes other genres as well." In addition, Talking Smooth Jazz featured Antoine Smith's cd, WALLFLOWER on 7/19/2009. ---Light 08 Radio: 6/28/2009, says..."The First of what promises to be an electrifying weekly tribute to the art form called Jazz. There may be many imitations but there is only ONE real thing...accept no substitutes as we will sit in the blue room and experience the Rebirth of the Rebirth of Cool...You Coltrane, Miles, Blake, and Byrd fans know what I'm talking about. We'll be joined with our special guest an up and coming Jazz artist by the name of ANTOINE SMITH who in this one's opinion exemplifies the LIVING spirit of Jazz in the tradition of the original jazz masters. We'll listen to his music and have him share his thoughts and inspirations, and more…" ---Club S.O.N. Platinum: 9/8/2009, says..."Note - The countdown begins tonight, the end of an era! It's been great and thanks for the support! The first of the last 2 regularly scheduled Soundoff Now! Show and what better way to close out our regular formatted schedule of shows this season than with a positive teen youth such as my special guest tonight jazz musician pheonom Antoine Smith. We will preview several tracks from many of Smith's compilations as well as an open discussion on the lost art form of jazz today, as we chronicle the young career of this young phenom jazz musician." ---"Speaking of celebrity interviews...Paul Taylor was interviewed by Talking Smooth Jazz on Blog Talk Radio and during the interview, Antoine called in as a fan. In the conversation as a fan, Antoine mentioned that he had done an attribute copy song to Paul Taylor, which was "Groove Zone." Paul Taylor had immediately remembered the song done in 2008 from Antoine as a Myspace friend and stated that he liked it and felt he had a future in what Antoine was doing!"

Antoine Smith has also been interviewed by other Blog Talk Radio hosts such as; Indie Lady A, Onlinewithandrea, Sultry Songbird, Soul City Radio, Madd and Cookiediva, ATAZP LIVE, MondialAmourRadio, Musicwoman, KSO Productions R63, I.B. The Wise 1, CENLA Radio, etc.


Ventura, CA, April 10, 2010 -( Currently on Blog Talk Radio in 2009, Antoine Smith has accepted a Co-host offer with Host, Light 08 Radio Tony Qwade on "Nyt Flyte Friday Jazz Meltdown." The show that is a partnership with WDKK Radio D.A. Williams and Light 08 Radio will sometimes interview jazz artists on many levels and play jazz hits from the past to the present as an "anchor" for the show. Audiences can listen in on the first show that Light 08 Radio interviewed and announced Antoine Smith as his new Co-host surprise at: NYT FLYTE FRIDAY JAZZ MELTDOWN(Signal strengthens on future shows.)

Currently, Antoine Smith is studying THEORY under Sharon Brown Cheston, Ph.D., CEO, Tiamoyo Arts and Education (a graduate of Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Institute of Music Joint Program.) Antoine Smith, being a senior in high school plans to enroll in college majoring in Audio Production and Engineering.



----------------------------------------------- iTunes Customer Review
by Pro Music Reviews - Oct 4, 2008

ALL THAT JAZZ is lively and full of surprises. The 15 year old Antoine Smith has created some intriguing contemporary jazz motifs that linger in your mind long after the last playing of the album. Antoine's album has an intimate appeal as debuts go. Melodies are smooth and rich with a rhythmic beat. Bravo Antoine!

----------------------------------------------- Jango airplay)))
by Fans on Jango in Phillippines - Aug, 2009

MYTHICAL “ always relaxing and comforting...hmm ”
IF I WERE A BUTTERFLY “ bravo.... modern day mozart! your music is awesome! ”

Antoine Smith's fans from other sites extends from countries such as; Slovenia, India, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Canada, Sweden, UK, Korea, etc.

----------------------------------------------- IMRadio
RATING: 5 Stars *****
by GigRight Talent Services - 11-11-2009

PLAYING IN THE RAIN “ Very impressive sound”


Antoine Smith's track, "CITY IN THE SEA" was selected in Top Finalists by The Peoples Music Awards in categories: Best Male Solo Artist and Dance/Electronica, 2011.

Antoine Smith's track, "CITY IN THE SEA" was selected in a contest as a "Runner Up" in 2009 Song of the Year song and lyric competition. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top entries achieve Runner Up status. Amongst the Judges were...Universal Records, Sony, and many more at:


Antoine Smith's song, "MYTHICAL" was selected in a contest such as; The People's Music Awards, nominated in 2009 for The 5 Top Finalists in category of Best Male Solo Artist in 2009. This young artist is blowing up the net (e.g. Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Reverbnation, EMusic, iTunes, Yahoo Music, etc.) and will be here for the long run. You can expect even more in the future from this very humble and busy young indie composer/artist, Antoine Smith!

Antoine Smith won the Pro Soul Alliance Indie artist contest in 2009! His track, "EMOTIONAL EXPLOSION" Pro Soul says..."Congratulations goes to Antoine C. Smith indie composer/artist and aspiring producer, that “loves to write everyday” – This gifted, now 17-year-old first rate drummer and pianist composes and plays contemporary jazz and other genres. Antoine is actively pursuing his music career receiving rave reviews as a very popular young artist on the air in rotation of many wonderful hosts on Blog Talk Radio, Black Talk Radio (e.g. Black Teen Enpowerment Radio). Along with composing his music in the tradition of the original jazz masters, his future plans include to enter an excellent music college, and continue his studies in composition and performance. His winning track “Emotional Explosion” blew the team at Pro Soul away – there is no doubt this talented young man is an up and coming music sensation for his generation. Already compared to Jazz greats like Coltrane, Miles, Blake, and Byrd, Antoine Smith is just getting started!"

Other instruments "dabbled" by Antoine are the lead guitar, bass guitar, vocals, and dance. For more information, please contact him @ 888-464-3646 ext 04337689.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

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